Dancing With The Stars Lawrence Taylor Rumored To Dance

Cannot say where, but working on a better foot work. Take for example, former defensive end Warren Sapp, Washington Redskin defensive end Jason Taylor Former 49er Jerry Ricethey and all placed in the runner-up position on the hit ABC show! The legendary running back Emmitt Smith took home the mirror ball trophy!. We wouldnt be surprised if Lawrence Taylor does not compete on Dancing With The Star this season, football players have had great success on the show in the past. Unable Football star, Lawrence Taylor be headed to Dancing With The Star? According to him could be Ashton Kutcher! He started last entry to be written on his Twitter page yesterday evening, just met, LT, old school, Lawrence Taylor, the actor, in Tampa Bay for the Super Bowl, expect to see him soon in the early evening.

4.2.09 08:42

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